Te damos la bienvenida a Pepeberto, tu tienda online de bolsos artesanales

Handmade handbags store

PepeBerto is a new Spanish brand of handmade bags. Their designs are conceived for all types of women and all ages. Their manufactured with time and extra care, which make them unique. It is also possible to order them in the size, and with the handles, pockets and finish the customer requires. You can choose my designs or create your own… suited to your tastes.

If you want to wear it on your shoulder or crossed, with straps of different length, with the inner pocket adapted to your mobile size, or if you need more capacity to carry your tablet or laptop, or even clutches adapted to your wallet size, think of this: PepeBerto is not only my designs, but also yours. Bags “à la carte”!

Do you miss your mom’s old wallet you used so much that you wore it out? Call me and let’s talk: I will try to make the most accurate reproductionof it possible. But of course, I won’t copy or reproduce designs of any major brands. Do you need a large capacity bag where everything is organized in inner pockets: mobile, makeup, wallet …? Tell me how you want it, and I’ll do it for you. Or maybe you have a piece of cloth or leather stored waiting to become an evening bag or day bag? I can also work with the fabric you bring.

I work with care on every design and order I get, with techniques taught by Florentine artisans. Each and every one of my products are strengthened internally with stabilizer, non-woven fabric reinforcement and cuarson.

The accessories and complements come from Spanish tanning companies, along with the leather that comes from regions with a great leather tradition, such as Ubrique and Alicante.

Each item of PepeBerto needs its time. I take care of its design, pattern and confection, getting excited with each contribution, variation or flourish that makes each object different from the other. Unique handmade bags to keep your whole world inside. The world inside your bag.

If the bag you want is sold you can order it identical through info@pepeberto.com

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