Who am I

I’ve been working as a journalist for over 27 years. Now I’ve decided to keep my pen and paper in my desk drawer and to put my artisan’s apron on. I’ve been on the radio, the daily press and a good number of specialized magazines. The last twelve years I’ve been directing, among others, Casa & Campo, where I had close contact with the world of decoration and styling.

During that long period I have visited wonderful houses, met prestigious decorators, interesting characters, exciting lifestyles… but I have a special predilection for artisans stories who, with the techniques learned and passed down from parents to children, fought to keep themselves safe in this frenetic world of technology.

Ceramists, potters, embroiderers, basket makers… creating with their own hands wonderful objects, that we are always looking for and always appreciate, because they are made with devotion and art, with that incomparable and unique finish.

Decoration led me to know about textiles. Fantastic fabrics produced by Spanish and international manufacturers, designed to decorate rooms, bedrooms… spaces transformed and enhanced by the use of fabrics. How about using them in new ways?

And so I started: brocades, jacquards, velvets, spikes, chenillas… converted into clutches, messenger bags, handbags, shoulder bags…

My curiosity took me further, seeking perfection, so I landed in Florence, a universal center of pelt and luxury leatherwork, where I also learned how to work with leather and pelt.

An expert and patient artisan taught me,  shared with me her secrets from dawn till dusk, and I came back reborn and full of hope and ideas… So many that, sometimes, I cannot sleep.

I work from home, in a wonderful and motivating rural environment, and always surrounded by my people and two four-legged characters that have inspired the name of my brand, Pepe and Berto.

Pepeberto - Quién soy
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